John B. Miima

Contact Info

Title: Dr.
Office: 2518 GITC
Hours: Mondays 2:30-3:55 P.M.;Wednesdays 4:00-5:55 P.M.
Phone: 973-596-3249
Dept: Engineering Technology


Dr. Miima holds a BSc in Land Surveying and Photogrammetry and an MSc in Geodesy obtained in the years 1994 and 1998 respectively, from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He was awarded a merit scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) for doctoral studies in Germany where he in the year 2002 obtained his PhD in Engineering Surveying from the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Technical University of Braunschweig. In 2003-2005, he undertook postdoctoral research work in the application of intelligent knowledge based systems to Engineering Surveying.


Prior to joining NJIT Dr. Miima worked both in the public and private sectors as a professional Land Surveyor and has 8 years experience teaching Surveying and Geodesy at university level in Africa and Europe.


His current research focuses on geospatial modeling of environmental phenomena, geodetic monitoring of structures and mapping with GPS and GIS. Dr. Miima has authored and co-authored more than 15 refereed journal articles, several technical reports and has presented his scholarly findings in more than more than 20 international conferences.



• Ph.D. Engineering Surveying, The Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, 2002
• M.Sc. Surveying (Geodesy), University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1998
• B.Sc. Surveying and Photogrammetry, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1994

Research Interest

  • Geospatial monitoring and modeling of Environmental Phenomena (e.g., Earthquakes, Landslides and Tectonics)
  • Computer Applications in Geodesy, Geophysics and Surveying.
  • Intelligent knowledge based systems applied to Engineering Surveying
  • Mobile mapping systems
  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Disaster management


  • Kiluva, V.M., Oteng’i S.B.B. and Miima J.B., (2009): Application of linear-based models in Nzoia river basin-Kenya International Journal of Disaster management and Risk Reduction, Vol 1(3): 27-39.
  • Miima J.B., Niemeier, W., and Riedel B. (2008): Instrumentation concepts for geodetic monitoring of slope movement in landslide zones. JSTEM, Journal of Science, Technology, Education and Management (J-STEM); Vol 2(1&2) .
  • Miima J.B. and Neyole E.M. (2008): Artificial Neural Networks for computing factor of Safety as delineation for taking-off domains in landslide zones. International Journal of Disaster management and Risk Reduction Vol 1(2): 14-20.
  • Mwikali V., Oteng’i, S.B., Miima J.B. (2007): Development of low-cost non-structural flood mitigation strategy for Nzoia river basin in Kenya. Journal of Science, Technology, Education and Management (J-STEM); Vol 1(2) 33-45.
  • Miima J.B. and Niemeier, W. (2004): Adapting Artificial Neural Networks for modeling structural behavior in geodetic deformation monitoring. Zeitschrift für Vermessungswesen, ZfV, 129(3): 160-176.
  • Miima J.B. and Niemeier, W. (2004): Fuzzy logic for modelling structural deformation. Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten, AVN, 111 (11-12): 397- 404.
  • Miima J.B. (2003): Modeling nonlinear systems using artificial neural networks: A case for the reconstruction of structural behavior in hazard management. International Civil Engineering Conference on Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, “The Civil Engineer in Development” 12th-16th August 2003 Nairobi, Kenya, pp. 581-588.
  • Miima, J.B. (2002): Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic for the Reconstruction of Structural deformations. Dissertation, Geodätische Schriftreihe der Technischen Universität Braunschweig, Nr. 18.
  • Niemeier, W., Kraus, B, Miima, J.B., Riedel, B., Flebbe, H. (2000): Bestimmung von 3D-Verformungen einer Brücke mit motorisierten Tachymetern-Anforderungen, System-aufbau und Ergebnisse In: Schnädelbach, Schilcher, Ingenieurvermessung, Wittwer-Verlag, München, pp. 122-132.

Publications in Proceedings

  • Waswa, G., China, S.S., Miima, J.B. (2008): Potential of Rain water Harvesting for Food Security in the Nzoia river basin: Adaptation to climate change. Workshop proceedings on climate change impacts and adaptations on water resources management by NBCBN, Cairo, October 27-28, 2008.
  • Omuterema S. Rop, B., Miima J.B., (2008): Assessment of Landslide vulnerability in Kuvasali Western Kenya. In proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Landslides, Slope Stability & the Safety of Infra-Structures, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24 - 26 July 2008.
  • Miima J.B. (2002): Adapting neural networks for modeling geodetic deformations. In proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural engineering. Berlin, Germany 21st-24th May 2002 pp. 186-194.
  • Miima J.B., Niemeier W. (2001): A neural network approach to modeling geodetic deformations. In: Proceedings of the first International symposium on Robust Statistics and Fuzzy Techniques in Geodesy and GIS. Zurich, Switzerland 12th-16th March 2001 pp. 111-116.
  • Niemeier, W., Kraus, B., Miima, J. B. (2000): Bestimmung von 3D-Verformungen einer Brücke. In: Messen in der Geotechnik, Fachseminar 24./25. Februar 2000, Mitteilungen des Instituts für Grundbau und Bodenmechanik der Technischen UniversitÄat Braunschweig, Heft Nr. 62, pp. 235-246.
  • Research Plans, GIS, IT, Earth Sciences
  • Niemeier, W., Kraus, B., Miima, J.B., Riedel, B., Thomsen, S. (1999): Continuous Monitoring of Bridges using motorized Total stations, 9th International FIG-symposium on Deformations, 27th-29th September 1999 Olzstyn, Poland.
  • Niemeier, W., Kraus, B., Miima, J.B. (1999): Monitoring Bridges continuously using Total stations. Third Turkish-German joint geodetic days, Vol. II, pp. 823-830.

Technical Reports

  • Miima J.B. and Neyole E.M. (2008): Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives in Ijara, submitted to ActionAid, Kenya.
  • Niemeier, W., Miima, J.B., and Riedel, B. (2004): Instrumentation, Data Analysis and Decision Support for Landslide Alarm Systems, European Union, Brussels.
  • Niemeier, W., Miima, J.B., and Riedel, B. (2003): Concepts for the rehabilitation of Müchlen open pit mining site, in the former East Germany. Research on behalf of the Saxony state, Germany.