Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)

Dr. Arijit Sengupta
Room: GITC 2102
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MET Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

Enrollment and Graduation Data

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The mechanical engineering technology program offers a full four-year program, as well as, an opportunity for further education to students who have completed an associate's degree in mechanical engineering technology at a community college, technical institute, or who have an equivalent education.

In addition to the mandatory courses as specified in the MET program, the student must take at least two cohesive electives from the approved list of MET electives.

Mechanical Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC of ABET),

Typical Mechanical Engineering Technology AAS program

Students who expect to transfer to the junior year of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (B.S.E.T.) program should have successfully completed most of the following courses or equivalent in their first two years of study.

 A minimum of 64 semester hour credits is required.

  • Communications (6 credits)
  • College Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus (8 credits)
  • Physics I and II (8 credits)
  • Computer Programming or Applications
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Chemistry with lab
  • Humanities / Social Sciences (6 credits)*
  • Physical Education (2 credits) **
  • Mechanics I and II (Statics and Dynamics)
  • Strength of Materials with lab
  • Kinematics / Mechanism
  • DC/AC Circuits
  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing Processes (Including Lab)
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology option

* Prefer 9 credits, recommended courses are Anthropology, Economics, Civilization, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

** For students who will be full-time (take 12 credits or more) for two consecutive semesters at NJIT.

Concentrations and Curricula

The Mechanical Engineering Technology, which allows flexibility in the choice of technical electives (see Curriculum).