Concrete Industry Management (CIM)

Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub, Program Coordinator
Department of Engineering Technology, GITC 2507
Tel: 973.596.6081
Fax: 973.642.4184

CIM Student Program Outcomes

The Concrete Industry Management  (CIM) program is designed to train and educate the student in the field of concrete industry by exposing the student to a multidisciplinary program which draws on management and technology to produce a well-rounded graduate who is able to enter a career in the concrete industry.  The four-year Bachelor of Science degree program focuses on science, technology, management and production as well as the mandatory university courses in English, history and the humanities.  The concrete industry is a $931 billion dollar industry which is eager to employ graduates, who are educated and trained, to manage, develop and own concrete industry businesses.

The objective of this program is to produce graduates grounded in the basics of concrete’s production techniques and its use in a multitude of construction applications. In addition, graduates acquire a minor in business administration.

Students who wish to enter the program as a transfer student are typically students with an A.A.S. degree in Civil or Construction Engineering Technology and should have completed most or all of the courses, or their equivalents, in the first two years of the program as shown below.  Students in other majors, such as Business, may have taken many of the required courses.  In the case of all students, both four-year and transfer, a minimum of 126 credits is required for graduation.

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