About Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology is that part of the technological field which requires the application of scientific and engineering knowledge and methods combined with technical skills in support of engineering activities.  It lies in the occupational spectrum between the engineering technician and the engineer, nearer the engineer end of spectrum.  Engineering technology courses stress the application of technology while courses in engineering are more theoretical and stress scientific and mathematical concepts.

The various engineering technology options provide advanced education in technical and management skills, together with selected humanities and social science electives.  Most technical courses are laboratory-based and stress oral and written communication, teamwork and a systems approach to problem solving.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to meet the current and future needs of industry.

Graduates of baccalaureate programs in engineering technology are called "engineering technologists" and are employed in such areas as construction management, product and process development, quality control, sales, estimating, surveying, manufacturing supervision, technical support, network administration and more.  Some students choose to go to graduate school in engineering, management or other areas.